An Environmental Scan of Reentry Services in Johnson County

The Consortium conducted an environmental scan in order to identify particular aspects of faith-based community services in Johnson County that could benefit adults re-entering the community from substance abuse treatment and/or incarceration. Information was collected through interviews with 11 faith-based organizations, the community corrections agency, and a substance abuse treatment provider in Johnson County. Correctional officers and substance abuse treatment staff members highlighted information regarding their interactions and knowledge of faith-based organizations. They also provided valuable insight as to the needs of their re-entry clients who have a challenging and difficult road ahead of them if they are to be successful in staying motivated for quality of life changes.

The information gathered will also serve as a starting point for building resource capacity by increasing the awareness of faith-based service provision that is often undocumented and undervalued, particularly in regard to hunger, at-risk children and families, homelessness, transportation, medical assistance, and community support. Current research recognizes the need for re-entry adults to join a supportive community that will provide an outlet for productive personal growth, in order to successfully remain in recovery and/or remain crime free. The daily service offerings that are part of the inherent life of a faith-based community have the natural potential to provide that active, positive and supportive community.

An Environmental Scan of Re-entry Services in Johnson County, Iowa

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