Iowa Youth Survey

The Iowa Youth Survey (IYS) is a collaborative effort between the Iowa Department of Public Health (IDPH) and the Consortium. The survey collects data on demographics, risk factors, protective factors, bullying, suicide ideation, substance use/abuse, as well as attitudes, beliefs, and perceptions of peer, family, school, neighborhood, and community environments. The IYS is now completed on a two-year cycle with students in grades 6, 8, and 11 attending public and private schools in Iowa. The Consortium assists with school registration and training for the IYS, then analyzes data, and generates reports. Reports include state, counties, Judicial Districts, Area Education Agencies (AEA), IDPH Prevention Services Areas, and trend reports. School system reports are disseminated privately and directly to the participating districts and private schools.

The IYS reports help state-level planners, community agencies, and school personnel identify youth development needs, implement relevant, targeted interventions, and assess outcomes. IYS data delivers a better understanding of students in Iowa and their needs. It can also assess the strengths and challenges of schools, families, and communities from the young person's perspective. In addition, IYS data help the state obtain funding for a wide variety of programs and services for Iowa's youth. The Iowa Youth Survey has proven to be a valuable resource in youth needs assessment, program development, implementation, and outcome evaluation.

All reports are available through the IYS website at